The following regional studies are currently available from MGPalaeo. Please click on the links below to learn more about each study. If you are interested in working with us on a new multi-client study, please contact us to discuss your idea.

MGPalaeo Vulcan Sub-basin core study

Onshore Northern Perth Basin Geopressure Study (in partnership with Global Geopressure Advice) [NEW]

MGPalaeo has teamed up with Global Geopressure Advice (GGA) and Molyneux Advisors for a geopressure study of the onshore northern Perth Basin focusing on the Permian Gas Play, with particular attention given to the role of the Permian shales.

Gas Analysis of the Roebuck Basin utilizing Girasol (in partnership with APT) [NEW]


MGPalaeo have entered into a joint venture agreement with petroleum systems specialist Applied Petroleum Technology (APT) to provide integrated multi-client and post-well analyses for E&P companies operating in Australia. The parties’ first study will focus on the Roebuck Basin on the central North West Shelf of Australia.

Integrated Reservoir-to-User View of the North Perth Basin (in partnership with Molyneux Advisors) [NEW]

MGPalaeo have partnered with Molyneux Advisors on an Integrated Reservoir-to-User View of the North Perth Basin, utilizing MGPalaeo’s extensive database of reviewed and standardized geological data. This project will enable your organisation to stand above the hype and understand quantitatively and qualitatively the monetisation, development and exploration opportunities of the North Perth Basin.

Bonaparte Basin Triassic Breakdown [NEW]

Bonaparte Basin Stratigraphic Review

Extensive palynological reviews of key Triassic intervals in the Vulcan Sub-basin and adjacent areas within the Ashmore Platform and Londonderry High have resulted in considerable updates to the palynological zonal and subzonal assignments for the Bonaparte Basin. More than 600 palynological samples have been reanalysed from 26 wells as part of this study.

Biostratigraphic and Palaeoenvironmental Study: Triassic of the Bedout Sub-basin, Roebuck Basin

MGPalaeo Bedout Sub-basin multi-client Triassic

A highly-detailed palynological study that increases the biostratigraphic resolution and palaeoenvironmental understanding of the Triassic in the Bedout Sub-basin. This study represents the most comprehensive palynological dataset currently available for the Triassic in this area, enabling the identification of over 50 correlative events through the key Early-Middle Triassic interval is study.

Integrated Sedimentological and Palynological core study of the Bedout Sub-basin, Roebuck Basin

A multi-disciplinary study to provide enhanced understanding of the depositional processes that occurred during the Triassic in the Bedout Sub-basin. Following on from our palynological review of the Triassic of the Bedout Sub-basin, this study combines sedimentological core descriptions with additional palynological analysis to produce enhanced depositional interpretations from the only wells with core available in this region.

Vulcan Sub-basin – Comprehensive Core Data Set

MGPalaeo Vulcan Sub-basin core study

An integrated sedimentological and stratigraphical study covering the variability of depositional environments within key stratigraphic intervals in the Vulcan Sub-basin. This study provides a comprehensive reservoir geology database of specific relevance to exploration and operating companies assessing the prospectivity of the Vulcan Sub-basin.

Subdivision of the Birkhead Formation, Eromanga Basin

A joint MGPalaeo – Chemostrat Multi-Client study to improve the resolution and confidence of intra- and inter-field correlatable events in the Mid-Late Jurassic Birkhead Formation, Eromanga Basin.

Great Australian Bight Palynological Review

Great Australian Bight Palynological Review MGPalaeo

A palynological review of published and unpublished palynological data from 938 samples from 18 onshore and offshore wells in the Great Australian Bight (incorporating the Bight, Eucla and Polda basins).

Exploration in Mature Indonesian Basins – East Java Player

East Java Basin Player MGPalaeo

A play mapping and play risk analysis report for the East Java Basin in Indonesia using Player™.

Prospectivity and Palaeoenvironments in the Late Permian – Early Triassic, Candace Terrace and Rowley Sub-basins, Carnarvon Basin

A fully integrated study of the prospectivity of the Late Permian to Early Triassic (Chinty Formation to Locker Shale) on the Candace Terrace and Rowley Sub-basin in the Carnarvon Basin.