MGPalaeo has a state-of-the-art, purpose built laboratory at the Perth office in Western Australia, capable of meeting all of your processing needs.

Our skilled laboratory staff can provide high quality sample preparations from a wide range of sample types. We have worked on a diverse portfolio of projects for different industries, including oil & gas, minerals, groundwater, archaeology, cultural heritage, beekeeping, civil engineering, carbon capture & storage, and more.

We have a 100% safety record, both at home and on rig site (onshore and off), and pride ourselves on our HSE.

Our lab is available for processing small (1 sample) to large (>1000 samples) projects with a rapid turnaround time, using procedures built upon >35 years of experience. Major ongoing clients include Woodside, Chevron, Exxon, Santos, Geoscience Australia, and more.

If you are a post-graduate university student or researcher (Private or Government), please contact us to find out how we can help.

Our capabilities include:

  • Palynology, nannofossil, and microfossil processing and analysis
  • Phytolith processing
  • Diatom processing
  • High level of experience with sample ages ranging from Neoproterozoic to Recent
  • High quality sample preparations from a wide range of sample types, including:
    • Sandy lithologies
    • Hand picking of cuttings samples to remove downhole contamination
    • High maturity samples
    • Removal of water- and oil-based drilling muds
    • Coals
  • Hotshot processing and analysis
  • Processing of honey and bee pollen
  • Legacy microscope slide maintenance (remounting old residue, fixing broken slides, etc.)
  • Cuttings/core/SWC sampling at coresheds
  • Sample collection at docks, airports, warehouses, etc.
  • Acid dissolution studies
  • Core/SWC/cuttings processing for sedimentological analyses (rock typing, core descriptions, etc.)

One of the benefits of having a purpose-built laboratory on the premises is that it gives our palynologists the opportunity to quality control each sample so our clients receive the best results possible.

Our skilled technicians are available to discuss your project requirements, and can be contacted at lab[@]