MGPalaeo offers a comprehensive range of sedimentology services, leading to a better understanding of stratigraphic development and depositional models.

Our sedimentology services include:

  • Core description and detailed trace fossil analysis (at a variety of scales, commonly 1:15, 1:50 or 1:200) recording lithology, grain size and sedimentary structures, depofacies, palaeoenvironmental interpretation, trace fossil assemblages and degree of bioturbation, hydrocarbon shows, colours, fracture geometries, etc.
  • All core descriptions include depth referenced digital output in excel format for easy import into various software.
    • Quick Log Description
      • Typically at 1:70 to 1:200 scale
      • Focuses on major depositional facies and building blocks
      • Great for general overview in a short time frame
    • Detailed Log Description
      • Typically at 1:20 scale
      • Includes cm-scale description capturing small detail up to major depositional facies
      • Great when the ‘devil is in the detail’
  • Reporting for core description and sedimentology are flexible to match clients MGPalaeo Sedimentological Services, Perth, Western Australianeeds. Reports can be delivered in either in slide deck format for easier presentation or as fully written word document. Reporting options can include:
    • Depofacies and integration into depositional models
    • Modern day analogues
    • Summary charts for overview
    • Correlation with nearby wells
    • Integration with Routine Core Analysis
    • Integration with palynology
    • Integration with image logs
  • Core workshops
    • Project-specific: giving clients the opportunity for a half day / day or week long (as requested) show and tell in the core library to better understand the stratigraphy and depositional environments over certain areas.
    • Integrated Sedimentological and Palynological Core workshop are also available on request, covering various areas of the Northwest Shelf.
  • Wireline log interpretation over uncored intervals using wireline log characters in combination with well completion reports, sidewall cores and cuttings descriptions.
MGPalaeo Sedimentological Services Sidewall Core Descriptions
  • Sidewall Core descriptions including detailed description and photography.
  • Rock Typing of cutting samples providing lithology, grain size and permeability estimates where no other rock samples (e.g. sidewall cores, conventional cores) are present. Petrophysical characteristics described are:
    • Lithology
    • Grain size and grain shape
    • Sorting
    • Matrix composition
    • and Rock Type, including permeability estimate
  • Image log interpretation and integration with core
  • Digital databases (includes IC and WellCAD) can be provided to the clients during the ongoing project and at the end of the project.
  • Regional / field-wide correlations
  • Stratigraphic correlation and mapping
  • Integration of biostratigraphical datasets

MGPalaeo Sedimentological Services Rock Typing

MGPalaeo’s ability to integrate biostratigraphic and sedimentological services allows for the production of accurate, stratigraphically constrained depositional models. Our clients benefit from common project management across disciplines with maximum quality control to ensure efficient data transfer between disciplines and thereby reducing costs.

For further information or to discuss your project ideas please contact us.

MGPalaeo Sedimentology Services, Perth, Western Australia