Based in Perth (Western Australia), MGPalaeo’s geological services are geared toward achieving quality-assured maximum stratigraphic control. The MGPalaeo palynological zonation scheme is the Australian industry standard, built upon more than 35 years’ work to enable consistent and trusted correlations between wells. This zonation also forms the basis to the AUSTRALIS geological database, the only fully reviewed and QC’d geological database of >3,000 Australian wells.

We operate a specialized biostratigraphic laboratory, carrying out palynological sample processing to the highest standard. Our laboratory staff work closely with our biostratigraphers to ensure the best quality samples are produced. We also work closely with universities across Australia, helping to train the next generation of palynologists and sedimentologists.

MGPalaeo’s comprehensive range of Sedimentological services are provided to attain a better understanding of stratigraphic development and depositional models. Our services include core descriptions, wireline log interpretation, image log interpretation, rock typing and more. To better understand the application and benefits of sedimentology and biostratigraphy, MGPalaeo run numerous integrated stratigraphic workshops and courses.

Our dedicated and highly-qualified staff aim to help you manage risk through providing high quality biostratigraphic precision and stratigraphic control for a range of industries, from oil & gas, mining & minerals, and carbon capture & storage, to groundwater, geothermal, archaeological, civil engineering, and more. 

We can work with you, at your office or ours, to help develop/refine your project in the best way possible. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or ideas.

MGPalaeo has grown from a small but trusted operation based in the country town of Maitland (South Australia) to a Perth-based business complete with its own high grade laboratory and rigsite palynological shacks ready for deployment to onshore or offshore locations across the world.

As can be seen from our Company History, the past 10 years has seen rapid growth but we have kept our core principles intact throughout it all. Key to making that happen has been our staff, the heart of our business, and we strive to maintain a healthy, happy, and supportive working environment. You can read about our staff on the Personnel page, and discover their global experience.

MGPalaeo (formally Morgan-Goodall Palaeo) are leading exploration consultants in biostratigraphy, and have been servicing the oil and gas industry since 1983.