Established in 1983 (as Morgan Palaeo Associates), MGPalaeo’s integrated geological services are geared toward achieving quality-assured, maximum stratigraphic control.

The MGPalaeo palynological zonation scheme is the Australian industry standard, built upon more than 40 years’ work to enable consistent and trusted correlations between wells. This zonation forms the basis to the AUSTRALIS geological database, the only fully reviewed and QC’d geological database of >3000 Australian and Timor-Leste wells.

Within the last decade MGPalaeo has also provided rigsite palynology for numerous projects onshore and offshore Australia, Papua New Guinea, Timor-Leste, West Papua, and Dubai. 

With a specialized biostratigraphic laboratory on-site at our headquarters in Malaga (Western Australia), our dedicated and highly qualified staff aim to help you manage risk through providing high quality biostratigraphic precision and stratigraphic control for a range of industries, from oil & gas, mining & minerals, and carbon capture & storage, to groundwater, geothermal, archaeological, civil engineering, and more.

MGPalaeo has satellite offices in Adelaide (South Australia) and Brisbane (Queensland), and with a staff of seven fulltime palynologists and two sedimentologists, we are the largest stratigraphic consultancy in Australia.

MGPalaeo’s comprehensive range of sedimentological services are provided to attain a better understanding of stratigraphic development and depositional models. Our services include core descriptions, wireline log interpretation, image log interpretation, rock typing and more. To better understand the application and benefits of sedimentology and biostratigraphy, MGPalaeo run numerous integrated stratigraphic workshops and courses.

We also work closely with universities across Australia, helping to train the next generation of palynologists to ensure knowledge and skills are not lost.

Our staff can work with you, at your office or ours, to help develop/refine your project in the best way possible. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or ideas.

“An innovative stratigraphic database that gives the geoscientist the competitive advantage to identify new hydrocarbon accumulations and high-grade prospective exploration acreage.” [Carnarvon Petroleum, 2016]

MGPalaeo aims to be the palynological service provider and database builder of choice for the research and resources industries right across Australasia.

We value diversity and team culture, and believe we owe everything we are to everyone who works at MGPalaeo.

Our leadership team at MGPalaeo consists of accomplished professionals with extensive expertise in palynology and stratigraphy. Drs John Lignum, Dan Mantle, Carey Hannaford, Adam Charles, and Marty Young form the core directorate, each bringing decades of specialized experience spanning Permian to Cenozoic palynological successions from across Australasia.

This team leverages their technical expertise and strategic vision to advance biostratigraphic solutions that improve our operations and extend our service capabilities globally. Alongside delivering precise analytical insights and high-resolution biostratigraphic data, they are actively involved in research and publications, contributing significantly to the scientific community and enhancing the value we offer our clients.

To read more about our team, please visit: Personnel – MGPalaeo.

To see a brief timeline of our major company milestones and achievements, from a small company on Roger and Dianne Morgan’s farm in Maitland an hour out of Adelaide, to our headquarters now in Perth, please visit: Celebrating 40 Remarkable Years: MGPalaeo’s 2023 Year in Review – MGPalaeo.

Every step has been an adventure!

As can be seen from our Company History, the past 10 years has seen rapid growth but we have kept our core principles intact throughout it all. Key to making that happen has been our staff, the heart of our business, and we strive to maintain a healthy, happy, and supportive working environment.

MGPalaeo (formally Morgan-Goodall Palaeo) are leading exploration consultants in biostratigraphy, and have been servicing the oil and gas industry since 1983.