Servicing the Australasian resources sector since 1983


MGPalaeo (formally Morgan-Goodall Palaeo) are leading geological consultants specializing in biostratigraphy, and have been servicing the oil and gas industry since 1983. Our palynological zonation scheme is the industry standard across Australia. 

Latest News: October 16, 2016: With few palynologists now directly employed by universities and geological surveys, a much greater demand has been put on industry to support future biostratigraphic research necessary for the continued development of this science. As such MGPalaeo has invested heavily of its time in this area. <Read More>

Based in Perth (Western Australia) and with locations in New Zealand and Indonesia, MGPalaeo can provide high-resolution biostratigraphic and geological services on a local, basin, and regional scale. This includes a range of geochronological disciplines (microfossils, nannofossils, palynology, chemostratigraphy, and radiometric dating), either in-house or via our partners. We also work closely with universities across Australia, helping to train the next generation of palynologists.

MGPalaeo operates a specialized biostratigraphic laboratory, and can provide standard, hot shot, and coal sample processing to the highest standards. Our laboratory staff works closely with our biostratigraphers to ensure the best quality samples are produced.

MGPalaeo also offers a comprehensive range of Sedimentological services, including core descriptions, wireline log interpretation, image log interpretation, rock typing, workshops and more.

Our geological and stratigraphical consultants can work with you, at your office or ours, to help develop/refine your project in the best way possible. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or ideas.

MGPalaeo (formally Morgan-Goodall Palaeo) are leading exploration consultants in biostratigraphy, and have been servicing the oil and gas industry since 1983.

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