MGPalaeo (formally Morgan-Goodall Palaeo) are leading geological consultants providing biostratigraphic and sedimentological services to the oil and gas industry. Our ability to integrate biostratigraphic and sedimentological disciplines enables confident generation of accurate and stratigraphically constrained depositional models.

Latest News: August 11, 2020

New Triassic Multi-Client Studies
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MGPalaeo are excited to announce two new Triassic multi-client studies; a Greater T. playfordii study (Middle-Early Triassic), and a Bonaparte Basin Triassic Breakdown. Both studies expand upon the Dorado structural-stratigraphic play trend identified in the Bedout Sub-basin.

Latest News: October 2, 2019

Biostratigraphy Review of the Onshore Otway Basin (Victoria)
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MGPalaeo is excited to announce the release of a new biostratigraphy project undertaken for the Geological Survey of Victoria (GSV). The task was to review and supplement the current biostratigraphic dataset for the onshore Otway Basin in Victoria.

Latest News: September 12, 2019

From the Pinnacles to post-glacial Permian Plays of the Perth Basin
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Here’s something a little different this time, as we wanted to give a summary of the recent Perth Basin fieldtrip that Amely helped run, plus discuss our upcoming Perth Basin core workshop. As such, the following is by Chris Watts:

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Based in Perth (Western Australia), MGPalaeo operates a specialized biostratigraphic laboratory, carrying out palynological sample processing to the highest standard. Our laboratory staff work closely with our biostratigraphers to ensure the best quality samples are produced. We also work closely with universities across Australia, helping to train the next generation of palynologists and sedimentologists.

Our palynological services are geared toward achieving maximum stratigraphic control. The MGPalaeo palynological zonation scheme is the industry standard across Australia, enabling consistent correlation between well data sets.

MGPalaeo’s comprehensive range of Sedimentological services are provided to attain a better understanding of stratigraphic development and depositional models. Our services include core descriptions, wireline log interpretation, image log interpretation, rock typing and more. To better understand the application and benefits of sedimentology and biostratigraphy, MGPalaeo run numerous integrated stratigraphic workshops and courses.

We can work with you to find solutions to your stratigraphic and depositional environment challenges in the best way possible, no matter how large or small. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or ideas.

MGPalaeo (formally Morgan-Goodall Palaeo) are leading exploration consultants in palynology, and have been servicing the oil and gas industry since 1983.