There has been significant industry focus on the Late Triassic in the Northern Carnarvon Basin (Brigadier and Mungaroo formations) for several decades, along with more recent interest in Middle Triassic plays in the Roebuck Basin (Phoenix, Roc, and Dorado discoveries).  This has led to the development of high resolution biostratigraphic schemes for the Late and Middle Triassic in these basins, however, our palynological knowledge has not kept apace at the other end of the North West Shelf.  Following renewed recent interest in the Northern Bonaparte Basin, MGPalaeo will undertake a targeted review of the Triassic palynology of that basin.  

A key focus will be on the thick S. speciosusS. quadrifidus, and T. playfordii zonal intervals present in key wells (Figure 1). There are notable discrepancies between the MGPalaeo Triassic zonations developed in the Northern Carnarvon Basin (Morgan, Hooker, & Ingram, 2012) and the Robin Helby Bonaparte Basin zonal schemes. This study should result in a clearer understanding of how these different schemes are best aligned, refining correlations on a regional scale.

Bonaparte Basin Triassic Beakdown
Figure 1: Wells selected for the Bonaparte Basin Triassic Breakdown.

The study will also investigate if any of the M. crenulatus and S. speciosus zonal subdivisions, widely utilised in Mungaroo Delta exploration activities, can be applied to the Bonaparte Basin. If not, the aim will be to develop a consistent subdivision for these Carnian–Norian successions and to better recognise and define any significant stratigraphic breaks present in this interval. 

For more information on the scope and deliverables of this study, or details on the early commitment price, please get in touch with us by emailing [email protected]

Geologists and geophysicists routinely use palynostratigraphy to help with borehole correlations and geological modelling on the North West Shelf. But how many know what the zonal fossil taxa look like? Pictured below are some of the key Australian Triassic spore-pollen zonal taxa: A. Minutosaccus crenulatus; B. Ashmoripollis reducta; C. Triplexisporites playfordii; D. Samaropollenites speciosus; and E. Staurosaccites quadrifidus.

MGPalaeo Bonaparte Basin Triassic Breakdown