Update (June 2022): Data from the recently released Dorado 2, Dorado 3, and Roc South 1 wells have been added to this palynological study.

MGPalaeo has conducted a comprehensive palynological study that increases the biostratigraphic resolution and palaeoenvironmental understanding of the Triassic in the Bedout Sub-basin.

The recent discoveries in the Dorado 2 and Phoenix South 3 wells represent the most significant new play on the Australian North West Shelf in recent time, and highlight the importance of this area for oil and gas exploration. Dorado 1 discovered light oil over a depth of 96m (net pay 79.6m) in highly porous (~20%) and permeable (100 to 1,000mD) rocks, whilst hydrocarbons were observed in Phoenix South 3 from 5173m to the lowest closing contour at around 5304m within the Caley Member (Carnarvon Petroleum Ltd, 2018).

Representing the most comprehensive palynological dataset currently available for the Triassic in this area, this study enables the identification of over 50 correlative events through the key Early-Middle Triassic T. playfordii interval. This provides far greater resolution than the existing 3 zonal subdivisions available in all other open-file datasets.

The analysis has resulted in revised palynostratigraphic interpretations for each of the 15 wells, and a new understanding of the ranges of key marker species.

The Triassic of the Bedout Sub-basin MGPalaeo
Well locations within the Bedout Sub-basin.

Deliverables include:

  • New local high-resolution palynological event stratigraphy
  • Fully quantitative Triassic palynological datasets
  • One consistent palynological zonation scheme applied to all wells
  • Tabulated palynological sample summaries
  • Stratigraphic summary chart for each well, including age, palynological zones and events, lithostratigraphy and sample data points, all set against wireline log data
  • Multi-well correlation panels.

Well list:

  • Dorado 1
  • Dorado 2
  • Dorado 3
  • Roc 2
  • Roc 1
  • Roc South 1
  • Phoenix South 1
  • Phoenix South 2
  • Phoenix 1
  • Phoenix 2
  • Lagrange 1
  • Bruce 1
  • Poissonnier 1
  • Keraudren 1
  • Bedout 1

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MGPalaeo has also carried out a comprehensive core study to provide greater insight into the depositional models of this emerging petroleum system.