MGPalaeo Vulcan Sub-basin

This multi-client report presents the results from an integrated sedimentological and stratigraphical study covering the variability of depositional environments within key stratigraphic intervals in the Vulcan Sub-basin. The aim behind this study is to provide a comprehensive reservoir geology database which is of specific relevance to exploration and operating companies assessing the prospectivity of the Vulcan Sub-basin.

As part of this study 1.6km of cores from 63 wells, situated in the Vulcan Sub-basin and surrounding areas (northern Browse Basin, Nancar Trough and Ashmore Platform) spanning an area from Crux 1 in the Southwest to Ludmilla 1 in the Northeast were examined to create a comprehensive and up-to-date core data set.

All cored intervals were reviewed and photographed during which core condition, cored intervals and brief observations of the core were recorded. Existing palynological data over the cored intervals has also been reviewed and refined, and supplemented by analysis of new core samples.

Deliverables for this study include:

For all 63 cored wells:

  • Overview chart highlighting the stratigraphic position of each cored interval (based on newly QC’d and updated biostrat from MGPalaeo’s AUSTRALIS geological database)
  • Recent overview core photography
  • Tabulated core condition
  • Very brief description of the cored intervals including depositional environments (where possible)
MGPalaeo Vulcan Sub-basin

Core descriptions of 25 selected wells covering 770m of various parts of the stratigraphy:

  • Approx. 270m at 1:70 scale
  • Approx. 500m at 1:200 scale
  • Digital grain size data (excel)
  • Digital cm-scale export of lithofacies and depofacies (excel)
  • RCA data (where present) plotted against lithofacies and depofacies (excel)
  • Brief description of depositional environments
  • Depositional models

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MGPalaeo Vulcan Sub-basin core study