MGPalaeo have partnered with Molyneux Advisors on an Integrated Reservoir-to-User View of the North Perth Basin, utilizing MGPalaeo’s extensive database of reviewed and standardized geological data.

Since the discovery of the Waitsia gas field (by AWE) in 2015, the North Perth Basin has become the locus of material hydrocarbon discoveries in Australia.

The 2019 Beharra Springs Deep-1 (Beach Energy) and West Erregulla-2 (Strike Energy) discoveries have confirmed the basin has significant remaining potential.

Integrated Reservoir-to-user View of the North Perth Basin Molyneux Advisors & MGPalaeo
The Perth Basin Project

These gas discoveries have changed the game for explorers, developers, producers, and commercial gas users in Western Australia.

Molyneux Advisors want to support operators, JV partners, investors and new entrants to understand and perform in the new Western Australia gas game.

Purchasing our integrated reservoir-to-user view of the North Perth Basin will enable your organisation to stand above the hype and understand quantitatively and qualitatively the monetisation, development and exploration opportunities of the North Perth Basin.

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