There is a lot happening in the bug house this month: we’ve recently launched our all-new AUSTRALIS Viewer platform, plus we have two integrated core workshops coming up, with registrations now being accepted.


Our new AUSTRALIS Viewer lets you explore all the wells with fully reviewed and standardized well data from spud depth to TD within our AUSTRALIS database (covering almost 3,000 wells across Australia).

The Viewer lets you search for a well, or draw a polygon to capture wells of interest over a particular area or permit or basin, and then see what reviewed and standardized data (including edited wireline logs) we have available. You can then export that data list to Excel to explore it further. There are various layers you can activate too, including the new 2021 Acreage Releases announced at APPEA on June 16, all of which will give you a clear understanding of our data coverage over these exciting new areas.

AUSTRALIS is the only database of its kind, with all legacy well data from open-file databases having been fully reviewed, standardized, and reinterpreted. This includes all palynological and lithostratigraphical data, incorporating 35 years’ worth of MGPalaeo’s in-house interpretations. And combined with our edited wireline logs, detailed sequence stratigraphic frameworks from spud depth to TD have also been created and are available for all wells.

AUSTRALIS database MGPalaeo

Northern Perth Basin Core Workshop

MGPalaeo in cooperation with Darren Ferdinando (Basin Science) are running a two-day integrated core workshop focusing on the Permian and Early Triassic of the northern Perth Basin.

Nearly one kilometre of cores from fifteen wells, including Waitsia, Senecio, Dongara, Hovea, Corybas, Cliff Head, and Dunsborough have been selected for detailed discussions with the aim of integrating the regional geology, sedimentology, palynology, and ichnology. A great variety of depositional environments and key surfaces will be examined during the two days.

Details are as follows:

Date: 23rd and 24th September 2021

Venue: Core Library DMP, 37 Harris Street, Carlisle

Costs: On request; price includes a handout booklet and catering on both days.

Dorado 2 Core Workshop

As previously announced, MGPalaeo are running a one-day integrated workshop focussing solely on the Dorado 2 core, drilled in the Bedout Sub-basin in 2019, and spaces are filling up fast!

Dorado 2 was the first appraisal well of the Dorado oil and gas field which was discovered in 2018. Dorado 1 discovered hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs in the Caley, Baxter, Crespin, and Milne members of the Lower Keraudren Formation. Dorado 2 was drilled approximately two kilometres down-dip from the Dorado 1 discovery and encountered 85 m of net reservoir in the primary Caley Formation, and 32 m of net pay in the underlying Baxter and Milne sandstones.

The 233 m of Dorado 2 core will provide detailed palaeoenvironmental insights into the Middle Triassic Caley and Baxter reservoirs, through the integration of sedimentology, ichnology, and palynology.

Details are as follows:

Date: 28th July 2021 [dependent upon release of the core]

Venue: DMIRS core facility, Perth, WA

Come chat with us at APPEA (Booth 126) about any of the above; we’ll be there for the full conference duration. We will have our Browse-Bonaparte basins database with us too, so if this is of interest, then please ask for a demonstration of these datasets.


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