Date: On request
Venue: Core Library DMP, 37 Harris Street, Carlisle
Costs: On request
Price includes a handout booklet and catering.

MGPalaeo’s two-day integrated core workshop focuses on the Permian and Early Triassic of the northern Perth Basin.

Nearly one kilometre of cores from fifteen wells, including Waitsia, Senecio, Dongara, Hovea, Corybas, Cliff Head, and Dunsborough have been selected for detailed discussions, with the aim of integrating the regional geology, sedimentology, palynology, and ichnology. A great variety of depositional environments and key surfaces will be examined during the two days.

MGPalaeo Northern Perth Basin core workshop

The image above is from Arrowsmith 2, showing highly bioturbated silt- and sandstones with well expressed Rosselia, overlain by wave-rippled sandstones.