MGPalaeo are running a one-day integrated workshop focussing solely on the Dorado 2 core, drilled in the Bedout Sub-basin in 2019, and registrations are now open!

Dorado 2 was the first appraisal well of the Dorado oil and gas field which was discovered in 2018. Dorado 1 discovered hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs in the Caley, Baxter, Crespin, and Milne members of the Lower Keraudren Formation. Dorado 2 was drilled down-dip approximately two kilometres from the Dorado 1 discovery and encountered 85m of net reservoir in the primary Caley Formation, and 32m of net pay in the underlying Baxter and Milne sandstones.

The 233m of Dorado 2 core will provide detailed palaeoenvironmental insights into the Middle Triassic Caley and Baxter reservoirs, through the integration of sedimentology, ichnology, and palynology.

Details are as follows:

Date: 28 July, 2021 [dependent upon release of the core]

Venue: DMIRS core facility, Perth, WA

Registration: email [email protected]

This workshop is not to be missed!

The photos above are of the fascinating Roc-2, just to whet your appetite: (A) 4401.90m; (B) 4408.80m. From: Allgöwer, A.M. & Lignum, J.S., 2019, Fine-scale variations in distributary mouth-bar morphology in the Middle Triassic Caley Member of the Bedout Sub-basin, Western Australia.

Also, keep an eye out for our Perth Basin integrated core workshop, slated for late September. More information on that will be coming soon.