MGPalaeo has a growing library of completed core descriptions available for wells across the North West Shelf.

Nearly 1km of core has been described at various scales for 25 wells in the Vulcan Sub-basin and 4 wells from the Bedout Sub-basin, with over 600m of core to be added to our library in early 2020.

These core descriptions are available individually or as part of comprehensive integrated studies covering the Vulcan Sub-basin and the Bedout Sub-basin.

Example core description available from MGPalaeo
Example core description available from MGPalaeo

The core descriptions are intended to give an overview of the lithology, grain size and sedimentary structures, depofacies, palaeoenvironment, ichnology and cements present, and are available either as PDFs or in fully digital format (including cm-scale grain size curve, tops and bases for litho- and depofacies, etc) for easy input into software such as Petrel.

Some wells also comprise litho- and depofacies codes plotted against Routine Core Analysis (RCA) measurements and can be included in the core description.

For more information on the availability of completed core descriptions, or to request a core description for a specific well, please contact us. Alternatively, if you are a subscriber of GPinfo, you can find a high level summary of all our available core data on that platform.

MGPalaeo Core Descriptions