Join Dr. Daniel Mantle on Thursday the 14th of July at 6pm for a fascinating talk on the Triassic of the Northern Carnarvon Basin.

Topics covered will include:

  • Early Triassic – investigating the Locker Shale as a possible source rock equivalent to the Hovea Member of the Perth Basin.
  • Middle Triassic – utilising high resolution palynology to correlate among potential new reservoir intervals in the Bedout Sub-basin.
  • Late Triassic – exploiting the early evolution of cyst forming dinoflagellates to recognise wet-dry cycles and marine flooding surfaces across the Mungaroo Delta.
  • End Triassic – documenting the diverse open marine dinoflagellate cyst assemblages of the Brigadier Formation and their near total annihilation across the Triassic-Jurassic mass extinction event.

Full details, including how to register for the talk, can be found on PESA’s website (link no longer available).