MGPalaeo’s standardized palynological data: The key to accurate sequence stratigraphic frameworks.

Save time and money!

No need to spend hours reinterpreting vintage reports, outdated zonation schemes, and conflicting data; we’ve done the hard work for you.

Our team has reviewed, reinterpreted, and standardized all available open-file palynological data for more than 3,000 wells across Australia, giving you the key to accurate correlations and a robust sequence stratigraphic framework.

All palynological data has been reviewed and updated to our latest zonation scheme (MGP 2014), making it the most up-to-date palynological data available.

Simple Format

Presented in simple excel format that can be easily uploaded into most geological platforms, each palynological summary sheet provides a listing of the palynological zones/subzones and inferred palaeoenvironments for all available samples in a well (see the image below; click on it to see an expanded view).  

MGPalaeo Palynological Summary Sheet

Flexible Purchasing Options

Palynological summary sheets can be purchased for single wells or for all wells in any given area. Packages can be tailor-made to cover any transect, area, acreage, or basin.

Unlock the full potential of your geological model with the power of consistent, quality-controlled palynological data. Don’t let outdated zonation schemes limit the resolution of your work.

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