A brand new species of dinoflagellate cyst with a previously unknown archeopyle structure was recently discovered in Cretaceous strata in New Zealand by one of our team, and looks to be of regional stratigraphic importance.

Bianchina hieroglyphica gen. et sp. nov., a new dinoflagellate cyst with a unique archaeopyle type and ornament from the mid-Cretaceous of the East Coast Basin, New Zealand
By Poul Schiøler
Published in Palynology, 2015

The new dinoflagellate cyst Bianchina hieroglyphica gen. et sp. nov. with the unique combination of archaeopyle type 3Ia3Pa3-5’’ and a characteristic penitabular, hieroglyph-like surface ornament is described from rocks of Late Aptian to Middle Cenomanian age (mid-Cretaceous) from the New Zealand East Coast Basin.

fossil dinoflagellates, mid-Cretaceous, biostratigraphy, archaeopyle type, East Coast Basin, New Zealand
Bianchina hieroglyphica

The full paper can be obtained from Palynology, 2015.