Groundwater now directly supplies close to 30 per cent of Australia’s total water needs, and more than 60 per cent in south-west Western Australia (CSIRO 2009).

‘Demand for groundwater resources is expected to continue to increase with the growth of Australia’s population and ongoing economic development. It is vital for water security and sustainability of urban areas, rural communities, industry and our environment that we manage groundwater innovatively and effectively.’

[Taken from the National Groundwater Strategic Framework, 2016-2026]

How Can MGPalaeo Help?

MGPalaeo works with State & Territory Water Departments and Scientific bodies such as Geoscience Australia on hydrogeological projects right across Australia, and have partnered with experts like John Backhouse for many years on projects big and small.

The application of geological data to groundwater research is crucial in generating a sound understanding of the sub-surface geology of aquifers. We can compliment your projects through:

  • Palynological age dating
  • High-resolution stratigraphic correlations
  • Depositional environments
  • Facies analysis
  • Sequence stratigraphy
  • Core logging
  • Database construction

Contact us and let us know how we can help you.

The Great Artesian Basin Project

One of the largest projects MGPalaeo has been involved with is the Great Artesian Basin project with Geoscience Australia.

‘The Australian Government, through the National Water Infrastructure Fund – Expansion, commissioned Geoscience Australia to undertake the project ‘Assessing the Status of Groundwater in the Great Artesian Basin’. The project commenced in July 2019 and will finish in June 2022. It will develop and evaluate new tools and techniques to assess the status of GAB groundwater resources to support responsible management of Basin water resources.’ [Geoscience Australia]

MGPalaeo is responsible for providing revised and updated palynological data for key boreholes across the Surat and Eromanga basins. This work will go towards improving geological and hydrogeological models, and advancing the understanding of the natural flow of groundwater across the GAB.

‘Groundwater is a resource that currently underpins a significant percentage of Australia’s basic human water needs and economic development requirements. In large parts of Australia it is the only reliable water source to support economic development.’

Groundwater use in Australia as a percentage of total water consumption
[Taken from the National Groundwater Strategic Framework, 2016-2026]