MGPalaeo Plover Formation Core Workshop

Date: On request
Venue: Core Library DMP, 37 Harris Street, Carlisle
Costs: On request
Price includes a handout booklet and catering.

This two-day core workshop focuses on the integration of palynology and sedimentology from selected cored wells, predominantly situated in the Jurassic Plover Formation of the Browse Basin.

Cores from fourteen wells across the greater Ichthys Field (8 wells) and Poseidon area (6 wells) have been selected for detailed discussions. This will be supplemented with regional palynological data.

The aim is to produce a hands-on workshop interspersed with introductory palynological and ichnological presentations and biostratigraphic exercises. Participants will also be given ample opportunity to examine the cores and initiate palynological and sedimentological discussions that help to correlate and better understand the fluvial, marginal marine and shallow marine systems in these Early–early Late Jurassic Browse Basin successions. After this workshop, each attendee will have a better understanding of the variability present within the Plover Formation and will be able to put this knowledge into direct use in any exploration, appraisal or development scenario.


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