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Dorado 2 Core Workshop
Palaeoenvironmental insights into the Middle Triassic Caley and Baxter reservoirs.
Date: 28 July, 2021 [dependent upon release of the core]
Venue: Core Library DMP, 37 Harris Street, Carlisle, WA

Northern Perth Basin Core Workshop
Co-run with Darren Ferdinando (Basin Science)
Lateral facies variations in the Permian & Triassic
Date: 23-24 September, 2021
Venue: Core Library DMP, 37 Harris Street, Carlisle, WA

Dorado 3 Core Workshop
Date: expected November/December, 2021
Venue: Core Library DMP, 37 Harris Street, Carlisle, WA

Contact us on [email protected] to register for any of these workshops. Please note that spaces fill up quickly, so don’t miss out!

Dorado 2 Core Workshop MGPalaeo

The photos above are of the fascinating Roc-2, just to whet your appetite: (A) 4401.90m; (B) 4408.80m. From: Allgöwer, A.M. & Lignum, J.S., 2019, Fine-scale variations in distributary mouth-bar morphology in the Middle Triassic Caley Member of the Bedout Sub-basin, Western Australia.

Extensive palynological reviews of key Triassic intervals in the Vulcan Sub-basin and adjacent areas within the Ashmore Platform and Londonderry High have resulted in considerable updates to the palynological zonal and subzonal assignments for the Bonaparte Basin.

More than 550 palynological samples have been reanalysed from 26 wells as part of this study.

Significant results include a higher resolution subdivision of the Carnian S. specious Zone, thus allowing a more consistent recognition of the key TR20.0_SB, and more confident identification of the various zonal boundaries, particularly the S. speciosus/S. quadrifidus and S. quadrifidus/T. playfordii zonal boundaries. The more confident recognition of these zonal boundaries has led to reinterpreted zonal tops in most of the selected wells and thus further important sequence stratigraphic and lithostratigraphic amendments too.

For more information on this study, contact [email protected] or visit HERE.

Bonaparte Basin Triassic Beakdown MGPalaeo
Wells selected for the Bonaparte Basin Triassic Breakdown Multi-Client Study (click to enlarge).


MGPalaeo’s AUSTRALIS geological database provides the most up-to-date interpretation of geological data that exists, covering almost 3000 Australian wells using one consistent palynological zonation scheme – with more wells to come!

AUSTRALIS is the only database of its kind, with all legacy well data from open-file databases having been fully reviewed, standardized, and reinterpreted. This includes all palynological and lithostratigraphical data, incorporating 35 years’ worth of MGPalaeo’s in-house interpretations. And combined with our edited wireline logs, detailed sequence stratigraphic frameworks from spud depth to TD have also been created and are available for all wells.

To build accurate geological models with robust sequence stratigraphic frameworks, accurate, quality-controlled, and consistent geological data that you can trust is a vital component – and this is only available from MGPalaeo’s AUSTRALIS database.