Date: On request
Venue: Core Library DMP, 37 Harris Street, Carlisle
Costs: On request
Price includes a handout booklet and catering.

MGPalaeo can run multiple Vulcan Sub-basin core workshops covering key stratigraphic intervals from the Late Cretaceous Puffin Fm to the Middle – Late Triassic Pollard Fm.

A great variation of depositional environments will be examined during the first two days covering the Puffin Fm to Lower Vulcan Fm, whilst the older part of the stratigraphy (Elang to Pollard fms) will be run as a single day workshop immediately following.

Companies / Individuals will have the chance to sign up to either one of the workshops individually or for the three days combined at reduced rates.

MGPalaeo Vulcan Sub-basin Core Workshops

Puffin Fm to Lower Vulcan Fm (two-day)

This two-day core workshop will focus mainly on the Upper and Lower Vulcan fms, although cores from the Puffin Fm and Echuca Shoals Fm will also be included. A wide range of depositional environments, including seal and reservoir facies are present throughout this part of the stratigraphy and will be discussed in detail, whilst comparing the changes in environment with surrounding wells.

Elang Fm to Pollard Fm (one-day)

This one-day core workshop concentrates on the older parts of the stratigraphy, covering the Elang, Plover, Malita, Challis and Pollard fms and the changes in depositional environments.
New palynological samples add to the complexity of the overall stratigraphy and are discussed throughout the day.


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