MGPalaeo Mungaroo Formation Core Workshop

Date: On request
Venue: Core Library DMP, 37 Harris Street, Carlisle
Costs: On request
Price includes a handout booklet and catering.

This two-day hands-on core workshop will focus on various marine and marginal marine incursions over different stratigraphic intervals of the Mungaroo Formation in wells including Dino North 1, Yodel 2, Noblige 2, Satyr 2 and GOR 1D. The Balthazar 1 well has been added to this year’s course to highlight one of the best expressed flooding surfaces in the Mungaroo Fm.

Sedimentological observations from core will be integrated with trace fossil analysis (ichnology) and palynological observations utilizing variations in microplankton abundances.

Participants will have the chance to compare different types of flooding surfaces in core and to make their own observations, core descriptions and notes. Additionally, palynological slides from selected key horizons will also be available for viewing under the microscope to integrate palynological observations with sedimentology and ichnology.

Every participant will receive a handout booklet containing wireline log profiles and cored intervals for each of the wells, as well as sedimentological core descriptions of two key wells, integrating sedimentological observations and depositional facies with palynological observations.


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