All available palynological data from selected petroleum exploration and stratigraphic wells drilled in or adjacent to the Great Australian Bight (incorporating the Bight, Eucla and Polda basins) have been reviewed and compiled into a single dataset.

This dataset includes 938 samples from 18 onshore and offshore wells in the Great Australian Bight, ranging from the Cambro-Ordovician to the Eocene. All samples are listed in tabulated form by increasing depth for each well, along with updated biostratigraphic zonal assignments, inferred depositional environments, key palynological events and geological ages.

Great Australian Bight Palynological Review MGPalaeo

The reviewed wells are:


Data used for the review are derived from published and unpublished palynological analyses available from Well Completion Reports, hot shot analysis, post-well infill studies and palynological reviews.

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