A fully integrated study of the prospectivity of the Late Permian to Early Triassic (Chinty Formation to Locker Shale) on the Candace Terrace and Rowley Sub-basin in the Carnarvon Basin.

Comprehensive report using 16 wells on the prospectivity of the area comprising new evaluations of:

  • Palynological data (focus on integrating seismic facies and core data)
  • Visual organic facies assessment
  • Reservoir properties from core
  • Chemostrat evaluation to aid in palaeoenvironmental interpretations
  • Detailed core logging and descriptions
  • Seismic facies integration for assessment of depositional systems

MGPalaeo has carried out a study to better understand the prospectivity of the Late Permian to Early Triassic (Chinty to Locker Formations) on the Candace Terrace and in the Rowley Sub-basin.

Late Permian Early Triassic Chinty Formation Locker Shale Candace Terrace Rowley Sub Basin Carnarvon Basin

The study incorporates data from 16 wells: Arabella-1, Candace-1, Dillson-1, Flinders
Shoal-1, Fennel-1, Kybra-1, Mermaid-1, Sholl-1, Cody-1, Cunaloo-1, Bedout-1, Cossigny-1, Keraudren-1, Phoenix-1, Phoenix-2 and Poissonnier-1.

Selected 2D and 3D seismic facies data are integrated into the project to further understand the depositional systems and potential play types. Analogue play types (i.e., the Montney Formation) are compared with the study materials.

The study deliverables include raw data and interpretations, including a comprehensive discussion of the prospectivity implications.

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