MGPalaeo will be running a PESA WA 1 day biostratigraphic workshop on Thursday the 14th of July in Perth. Aimed to help you and your team better understand the application and benefits of biostratigraphy, the course is suitable for all levels.

Venue: Mantra Hotel 305 Murray Street, Perth WA 6000
Bookings close Monday 11th July 2016

Course outline:

Basic principles of biostratigraphy
◦   Intro to Micropalaeontology and Nannofossils
◦   Intro to Palynology (including processing and sampling considerations

Advanced principles of biostratigraphy
◦   Palaeoenvironmental Interpretations
◦   Palynofacies and Spore-Pollen Colours (thermal maturity)
◦   Timescales and Zonations

Biostratigraphy case studies and practicals (often based around interpreting stratabugs charts and palynology reports)
◦   Muderongia australis Dinocyst Zone
◦   Triassic/Mungaroo Delta case study
◦   Mutineer-Exeter case study
◦   Beetaloo Basin – pushing the boundaries of palynology

Visit the PESA website for full details.