The offshore Otway Basin component of MGPalaeo’s AUSTRALIS® geological database provides the most up-to-date interpretation of geological data that exists for all offshore wells, using one consistent zonation scheme.

This dataset covers 64 wells across the offshore Otway Basin, with fully reviewed and revised palynological data, plus standardized lithostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphic picks, and digitized logs, providing strong and consistent stratigraphic control for your geological models.

MGPalaeo Australis geological database offshore Otway Basin

The dataset is available in its entirety or as selected wells that best fit your needs. Contact us via Email ([email protected]) or Phone (08 9249 4628) and let us know your requirements.

Furthermore, all purchases of the offshore Otway Basin dataset comes with the following for one year:

  • A dedicated and suitably qualified member of staff as the first point of contact to answer all of your questions related to the data.
  • Refinement of biostratigraphic/lithostratigraphic/sequence stratigraphic picks based upon new data;
  • The addition of newly released wells into the database that covers areas purchased by Licensee; and
  • Additional data for the datasets purchased as it becomes available.
MGPalaeo offshore Otway Basin AUSTRALIS database
An example of the well data available for all wells within the offshore Otway Basin.

And don’t forget our Biostratigraphy Review of the Onshore Otway Basin (Victoria), undertaken for the Geological Survey of Victoria (GSV).

Existing biostratigraphic data from 249 onshore Otway Basin wells and boreholes were reviewed as part of this study, resulting in the selection of 1060 rock samples for new analyses from 120 onshore Otway Basin boreholes.

MGPalaeo Otway Basin Biostratigraphic Review

The full reports, including individual summaries for every well with biostratigraphic data in the onshore Otway Basin in the state of Victoria, are available following the links below:

New Palynology results from legacy core and cuttings

New Micropalaeontological results from legacy core