MGPalaeo benefits from having one of the largest datasets of Australian palynological studies available, generated from more than 35 years of work. From single wells to the entire North West Shelf, we can provide all the digital data you need.

Our Multi-Client Data includes:

Acreage Release Data Packs – Supporting the Australian Government’s annual Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Releases and the Greenhouse Gas Storage Releases, MGPalaeo’s Acreage Release Data Packs can provide the most up-to-date and detailed stratigraphic data available for any area.

Regional Studies – palynological, core, and integrated geological studies covering Australia and Indonesia.

AUSTRALIS™ Geological Database – A ground-breaking database that provides the latest interpretation of all available open-file stratigraphical data from all exploration wells across the North West Shelf of Australia.

Palynological Summary Sheets – A listing of the palynological zones and inferred palaeoenvironments for all available samples in a well.

Composite Log Displays – Designed to provide an understanding of well results 3 years in advance of the interpreted data release, our Composite Log Displays integrate basic biostratigraphic results with wireline log, mudlog, LWD (logging while drilling), core, geological, geophysical, engineering, and other aspects of well operations.

If you have any questions regarding our multi-client data, please contact us.

MGPalaeo's AUSTRALIS geological database