MGPalaeo are excited to announce that geological data availability for a further 1236 wells from the Carnarvon, Roebuck, and Offshore Canning basins have been added to GPinfo this month from our AUSTRALIS geological database™. Data categories include:

  • Biostratigraphy (reinterpreted/updated)
  • Standardized lithostratigraphy
  • Regional sequence stratigraphic framework
  • Wireline logs (edited and spliced)
  • Cores
  • Rock-Eval/Vitrinite Reflectance
  • Deviation data
  • Checkshot survey
  • Hydrocarbon Shows

The palynological data for all wells has been reviewed and revised to one consistent zonation scheme (the industry standard MGP 2014) and includes the most up-to-date interpretation of stratigraphical data that exists.

With the wells added last month from the Browse and Bonaparte basins, GPinfo subscribers are now able to access a high-level summary of all available AUSTRALIS data from a total of 1838 wells across the entire North West Shelf, with more to come. And as we continue to update and add to our database, so will we update the data captured in GPinfo.

MGPalaeo's AUSTRALIS geological database

Launching this month within GPinfo
Carnarvon Basin = 1212 wells
Offshore Canning Basin = 6 wells
Roebuck Basin = 18 wells (including a comprehensive palynological study of the Triassic in the Bedout (and Beagle) sub-basins)

The AUSTRALIS geological database is available in its entirety or as data subsets that best fit your needs (i.e., a Vulcan Sub-basin pack, a Beagle & Bedout sub-basins Triassic pack, or even just as a single well). Please contact us and let us know your requirements.

And if you subscribe to the AUSTRALIS geological database, we will send you all the latest palynological data for wells across the North West Shelf as it becomes open file.