New wells added to MGPalaeo’s AUSTRALIS geological database this month include:
• Spartan 1A
• Roc 2 – the high-resolution palynological events for this well have also been incorporated into our multi-client Beagle & Bedout sub-basins study.

Datasets for these new wells include palynology, lithostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphic picks, wireline logs, checkshot surveys, deviation data, and core description.

Plus we’ve added edited logs, micropalaeontological data, checkshot surveys and deviation data for more than 20 wells across the Vulcan sub-basin to further enhance the available datasets of this region.

If you’re a GPinfo subscriber, you will notice these updates have been added to the GPinfo platform, providing an up-to-date summary of all available data from our AUSTRALIS geological database.

Please contact us for more information regarding the datasets available across the North West Shelf.

MGPalaeo's Beagle & Bedout sub-basins data sets