MGPalaeo are undertaking a new multi-client study investigating the palynological assemblages within the Triplexisporites playfordii Zone across the greater North West Shelf.

The emergence of the Dorado structural-stratigraphic play trend in the Bedout Sub-basin highlights the importance of the Middle–Early Triassic T. playfordii Zone within which the reservoir section resides. High-resolution sub-division of the T. playfordii Zone within the Bedout Sub-basin has been demonstrated by MGPalaeo through detailed reanalysis of existing palynological material, enabling the identification of 30 subzones through this key interval. [For more information on the original study, please click here]

The Greater T. playfordii Study aims to expand the sub-zonal resolution to sections outside of the Bedout Sub-basin, by reanalysing Triassic sections from 12 wells across the Carnarvon and Bonaparte basins (Figure 1). The results will allow for greater confidence in recognition of temporal equivalent sections to those in the Bedout Sub-basin.

MGPalaeo Greater T. playfordii Study

Figure 1: Wells in black are part of the Greater T. playfordii study. Wells in blue are those from the original Bedout Multi-Client study.

For more information on the scope or deliverables of this study, or details on the early commitment price, please contact us