‘Geothermal energy is already making a useful contribution to the Australian energy mix; direct-use geothermal is a successful and growing industry.’

[Australian Geothermal Association]

One of the findings from the AGA’s 2019 white paper was:

‘Pre-competitive studies should be undertaken using existing regional evaluations of subsurface temperatures and heat flow to identify potential reservoirs – and more specifically permeable zones where sub-surface temperatures exceed 80 degrees C. The Great Artesian Basin provides one clear example but other Basins may also be prospective (e.g. Otway Basin in South Australia and Victoria, Gippsland Basin in Victoria, Carnarvon and Perth Basins in Western Australia). These areas would be the subject of detailed follow up investigations aimed at mapping reservoir quality and deriving permeability estimates that could be used to quantify extractable energy.’

How Can MGPalaeo Help?

Deriving geothermal energy from existing oil and gas wells could help boost geothermal energy use across the world, while avoiding the expensive costs associated with new drilling and reducing the environmental impact.

MGPalaeo’s knowledge, experience, and geological databases covering many basins across Australia where suitable geothermal aquifers exists means we are ideally placed to provide vital, quality-assured and consistent geological data to help de-risk greenfield geothermal exploration.

Our databases cover:

  • North West Shelf
  • Perth Basin
  • Otway Basin
  • Gippsland Basin
  • Great Artesian Basin

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