MGPalaeo, in conjunction with GIS-PAX, PT Horizon Geoconsulting, and CSK Petroleum Consultants, are pleased to announce that a play mapping and play risk analysis report is now available for the East Java Basin in Indonesia using Player.™

This non-exclusive study incorporates:

  • definition of plays in the basin by stratigraphic unit (total: 19 plays)
  • paleogeographic/GDE maps for each play
  • derivative reservoir, seal, source and maturity maps for each play
  • compilation of hydrocarbon reserves in the basin by play
  • hydrocarbon field, contract areas and well metadata
  • well success-failure analysis by play
East Java Basin Player MGPalaeo
Outline of Study Area

These determinations are then used to produce petroleum system element risk maps for each play and integrated play and prospect chance of success (COS) maps in an Arc-GIS format.

The resulting GIS database provides a comprehensive play assessment for the basin, which can be updated and modified using in-house information as it becomes available.

The following deliverables are provided in this non-exclusive study:

  • East Java Player™  project in Arc-GIS format
  • Demo version of the GIS-PAX Player™ software for a 3 month period
  • Summary description of project methodology

Participating clients may opt to have their East Java Player™ project customised to incorporate results from their in-house well database at discounted rates (available on application).

For further information on the study or to arrange a demonstration please contact us.

East Java Basin Player MGPalaeo
Historical Activity and Success Curves

About GIS-PAX: GIS-PAX is a private company based in Australia that has built and specializes in play analysis software for both the conventional and unconventional global oil and gas E&P industry. Their software was created from the ground up encorporating 60+ years of global geological exploration expertise and GIS E&P company experience. 

About Player: Player is the gold standard tool for Play Analysis in the upstream oil and gas industry today with 30+ international E&P companies, from small independents to global super majors, now using the product.

About PT Horizon Geoconsulting: The Horizon Companies provide a wide range of geological and geophysical analytical, processing and interpretation studies to the oil and gas industry in SE Asia. The companies have been operating in SE Asia since 1974, originally as local subsidiaries of Horizon Geophysical and Robertson Research International but have been independent since 1999.

About CSK Petroleum Consultants: CSK Petroleum Consultants have 40+ Years Experience in petroleum exploration with U.S. & U.K majors in operations, development, new ventures, seismic interpretation and petroleum system analysis  and management roles.