As big data becomes an increasingly vital resource for business, so too does a clearly executed data management strategy.

Consistent, quality-controlled data is a vital asset of all businesses, growing in importance every year. Big data enables more informed decisions to be made effectively, helping to reduce costs while improving profits. However, without proper data management, this data can become extremely difficult to navigate and use to its full effect. This is especially so if your data has come from multiple sources.

MGPalaeo has a wealth of data compiled from more than 35 years of operation. Our AUSTRALIS geological database is central to this, containing over 2500 wells with multiple datasets for each well. All data has been quality-controlled and standardized.

How Can MGPalaeo Help?

Database Construction – MGPalaeo can compile highly detailed, quality-controlled databases for any region of interest, or for specified shape files within a region. Our successful AUSTRALIS geological database (covering more than 2500 wells) is used across industry and forms the template for how we go about this – but we can also build non-geological databases.

We will ensure all available open-file data is captured, and that there is consistency across all datasets, giving you confidence that you have the most up-to-date data available.

We can also include data made available via commercial-in-confidence agreements.

Data Integration – We regularly work with different companies to integrate our data with in-house databases to ensure their optimal use, and so there is a seamless integration of new data with old. How we go about this includes:

  • Data architecture (ie, preferred file formats, naming conventions, database structure, etc.)
  • Data formatting and QC
  • Data integration
  • Data administration

Data Consultancy and Outsourcing – our team of geo-technical data experts are available as short-term consultants for your business to help you take full advantage of your data.

Whether you are integrating our AUSTRALIS data with your in-house data, or would like help or advice on how to bring datasets from multiple sources together and manage, please let us know. We have experience managing a huge volume of data from multiple sources, and can help you.

A well thought out and executed data management plan is vital to making the most of your data, helping you make better business decisions to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Let us help you with your database requirements. Contact us today.