MGPalaeo offers a specialized maceration technique for extracting palynomorphs from a wide variety of coal samples directly, rather than on the sediments associated with the coal. This allows high resolution age dating and stratigraphic correlation between seams to be made with a higher degree of accuracy, and can help to reduce exploration costs.

The high quality palynological preparations complement standard petrographic studies by providing more detailed identification of liptinitic constituents, and also allows for a better determination of palynofacies and palaeoenvironmental interpretations. This can help provide key insights into CSG reservoir characterisation, mapping, and modelling.

MGPalaeo has worked on a wide variety of coals from across Australia, offering both ‘quick-look’ or high resolution palynology.

MGPalaeo offers a specialized coal maceration technique for extracting palynomorphs from coals, improving age correlation and stratigraphic correlation.

Palynomorphs extracted from a Greta Coal sample

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