Roc 2 MGPalaeo core workshop

Date: On request
Venue: Core Library DMP, 37 Harris Street, Carlisle
Costs: On request
Price includes a handout booklet and catering.

MGPalaeo can run a one-day workshop focussing on the integration of palynology and sedimentology from selected cored wells over the Middle Triassic Caley and Barret fms in the Bedout Sub-basin.

The focus of the workshop will be the Roc 2 core from the gas-condensate bearing Caley Member reservoir. The cores in Phoenix 1, Phoenix 2 and Bruce 1 from the Barret Member will also be examined during the day.

Interaction of various shallow marine processes is evident in the cores in Roc 2 and the Phoenix wells. Sedimentological observations from core will be integrated with palynological data to examine subtle changes in depositional environments.

Palynological assemblage fluctuations will be discussed to highlight both local environmental differences and larger scale climatic signals. Detailed correlations between the Roc and Phoenix wells will be demonstrated through the utilisation of palynological event stratigraphy.


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