The Bedout & Beagle sub-basins component of MGPalaeo’s AUSTRALIS geological database provides the most detailed interpretation of geological data that exists for all wells across this breakout area.

The Dorado-1 discovery represents the most significant new oil play on the Australian North West Shelf in recent times, and highlights the importance of the Bedout & Beagle sub-basins for oil and gas exploration.

MGPalaeo has an extensive range of data available from the Bedout & Beagle sub-basins, from fully reviewed and revised palynological data, standardized lithostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphic picks, and edited logs, to highly detailed palynological and core studies of the Triassic.

MGPalaeo Bedout Sub-basin multi-client Triassic


In 2015, MGPalaeo built the most comprehensive palynological dataset available for the Triassic in this area, reanalysing every available sample and carrying out additional infills from Phoenix 1, Phoenix 2, Keraudren 1, Bedout 1, La Grange 1, Bruce 1 and Poissonnier 1. The study enabled the identification of over 20 correlative events through the key Early-Middle Triassic T. playfordii interval, providing far greater resolution than the existing 3 zonal subdivisions.

Additional palynological results from Phoenix South 1 and Roc 1 wells have been integrated with the 2015 dataset, adding further value to the study.


This integrated core study follows on from our palynological review and combines sedimentological core descriptions with additional palynological analysis to provide greater insight into the depositional models of this emerging petroleum system.

Depositional environmental interpretations were produced from four wells: Roc 2, Phoenix 1, Phoenix 2 and Bruce 1.

A total of 119.38 m of core from Roc 2 and 54.45 m of core from Phoenix 1, Phoenix 2 and Bruce 1 were described and integrated with 31 available palynological core samples from Roc 2 and fourteen new samples taken in Phoenix 1 and Phoenix 2.

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All data is available immediately in simple data file format (i.e., .dat, .txt, .csv, .las), which can be easily imported into many software programs such as ODM/IC, Petrel, Kingdom, etc.