MGPalaeo have entered into a joint venture agreement with petroleum systems specialist Applied Petroleum Technology (APT) to provide integrated multi-client and post-well analyses for E&P companies operating in Australia. The parties’ first study will focus on the Roebuck Basin on the central North West Shelf of Australia.

“To date there has been very little innovation in how the oil industry treats the data captured from the wells drilled with respect to rocks collected and the gases measured. Typically, this data ends up in a pdf-file on a company server and is little used once the well is drilled. Our technologies will create digital datasets far more amenable to analysis, providing more value to the data acquired and deeper technical insights into the petroleum system,” says Julian Moore, chief technology officer of APT.

At the centre of the cooperation is the combination of MGPalaeo’s AUSTRALIS® geological database, which provides the most up-to-date interpretation of geological data that exists for more than 3000 Australian wells using one consistent zonation scheme, together with APT’s wellsite gas processing and interpretation software package Girasol (Gas interpretation reservoir analysis software).

Through working together, MGPalaeo and APT aim to provide a unique, low-cost set of analytical results to assess the distribution of potential reservoirs, pay zones, shows and residual petroleum anomalies set within a consistent stratigraphic framework, which aims to increase the efficiency of exploration and appraisal activities.

“MGPalaeo are excited to be partnering with APT to provide multi-client and post-well analyses of the kind not typically carried out by companies here in Australia. The application of APT’s Girasol software to our AUSTRALIS datasets is extremely complimentary, and will lead to fascinating insights into petroleum systems not otherwise considered,” says Marty Young, Co-Director of MGPalaeo.

The first study will focus on the Roebuck Basin, where the Dorado discovery represents the most significant new oil play on the Australian North West Shelf in recent times, and highlights the importance of this region for oil and gas exploration.

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The map above shows the wells included in APT and MGPalaeo’s new study.

About APT

APT provides geochemical and biostratigraphic laboratory services, basin modelling and petroleum systems analysis to operators worldwide. The company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and has additional offices in the UK, USA and Canada.