Biostratigraphy is a fundamental stratigraphic tool for age dating and correlation in the oil and gas sector, and is increasingly being applied to CCUS, mining and minerals, and hydrogeological projects. Used to its full potential, biostratigraphy not only provides high resolution correlations between wells, but also places constraints on depositional environments, thermal maturity, source rock potential, and placement of sequence stratigraphic surfaces.

MGPalaeo is looking for expressions of interest for an introductory course on biostratigraphy, detailing the basic principles and applications of results. The one-day workshop will aim to give attendees a basic understanding of the topic, in order for them to critically assess and utilise biostratigraphic data. 

The course is designed for industry geoscientists and includes lectures and practical assignments focused on:

  • An introduction to biostratigraphic principles and zonations, with a focus on palynology
  • Biostratigraphic sampling and analysis
  • Interpretation of biostratigraphy/distribution charts
  • Strengths and limitations of biostratigraphy
  • Using microfossils to aid depositional environmental studies.

Target Audience – industry geologists and stratigraphers that are required to use or interpret biostratigraphic data. This course may act as an introduction for those starting to use fossil biozone data for the first time, a refresher or confidence builder for sporadic users of biostratigraphic data, or an opportunity for more experienced geologists to ensure they are getting the most from any available fossil assemblage data (depositional environments, thermal maturity, etc).

The participants should leave with the basic tools to utilise biostratigraphic data in their day-to-day work (often well correlations or applied sequence stratigraphy) and the various pitfalls to avoid.

The proposed course is scheduled to take place on the 12th of October from 8:30am to 4pm, subject to demand.  Please contact [email protected] to register your interest for this event.